Internship & Volunteer / 實習與義工









Marketing, Digital Media and PR 及相关专业(有以下任意两条相关经验或态度均可申请)

  • 良好的中英文写作能力;

  • 管理过Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, LinkedIn,Weixin等公众平台;

  • 熟悉Email 营销渠道;

  • 精通Word, Excel, PPT;

  • 网站管理更新, 精通Wordpress;

  • 平面设计,熟练使用PS or info-graphic图片处理软件;

  • 活动策划和组织;

  • 做事认真、细心;

  • 愿意学习新东西,也愿意将重复的劳动做到极致。


  • Social media 更新;

  • 网站建设和维护;

  • 活动组织;

  • 戏曲数据库建设;

  • 视频管理归类;

  • 文档整理归类;

  • 筹款。

工作时间:10 小时左右,目前是unpaid,我们愿意为符合条件的您提供推荐信和个人发展空间。

如果您对中国传统文化感兴趣,对戏曲文化感兴趣,想积累Digital Marketing, Event Planing 的相关经验,那就到碗里来吧。请把cover letter 和 resume (英文)发送至 有work sample 优先。非常期待您加入这个大家庭。我们将在1-2周内通知您面试。若没有接到电话或邮件,也希望您继续关注我们放出的其他职位.

Are you passionate about Chinese culture?

Are you interested at contributing to Chinese opera?

You can visit the backstage;

You can wear costume;

You can also immerse yourself with others in history;

Join NYCOS, Do Something Different

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing Intern (2)

We are looking for marketing, digital media and public relations related students and graduates (any two of the below list would qualify).

  • Good writing skills in Chinese and English;

  • Experience in managing Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, LinkedIn, Weixin, etc.

  • Familiarity in Email marketing;

  • Expertise in Word, Excel, Powerpoint;

  • Website maintenance, excellence in WordPress;

  • Experience in PhotoShop or info-graphic software;

  • Experience in event management;

  • Detail oriented;

  • Willingness to learn, and to improve.

Related Items:

  • Update social media;

  • Website maintenance;

  • Organizing events;

  • Opera database;

  • Audio/video content management;

  • Documentation management;

  • Fundraising.

Work Hours: More than 10 hours per week commitment is required.  This position is currently unpaid.  We will work with you to provide opportunities suitable to your career development goals.

If you are interested at Chinese culture, Chinese opera or gain experience in digital marketing, event planning, then come join us.  Please kindly forward us your resume and cover letter to  Work sample is preferred. We welcome to join our Chinese Opera Society family. If you do not receive phone call or email, please continue to pay close attention to new positions from us.